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Connecting you to the world of mobile performance promotion.


Monetize your inventory for higher eCPM with premium brands.


Data driven marketing for profitable growth at scale of your business.

Tyr Intelligence

Target the right users for your App business through data intelligence.

The story behind Tyr

In the Norse mythology Tyr is a war God. Far from only being a war God, the primary role of Tyr was the essence and upholder of law and justice. Not only was he a God to the Norse, but Romans also identified Tyr with Mars which is their own principle of war God.

Tyr is an example of sacrifices as he proved himself to be the God of justice and law by sacrificing his own arm in front of the dreadful wolf, Fenrir. Tyr did so to save the other Gods.

The story of Tyr has great essence for every member of TyrAds. To stand for Justice, honour, respect and sacrifices is the culture at TyrAds. Mobile advertisement is done in the most transparent way in order to fight fraud in the marketing industry. At TyrAds, we shall sacrifice our time and our own margins to bring the best positive results for our clients.

The specialist of Mobile Growth

We at Tyr strive ourselves to deliver growth to the mobile leaders of the future. Our team is global minded, young and professionals. Located in different parts of the world to have a better understanding of the mission and vision of the Mobile leaders.