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Why do you need Programmatic?

Achieving more app downloads within the walled gardens of Facebook, Google & Twitter is becoming increasingly more expensive as you scale.

v Huge untapped audience
v Lower cost at scale
v Higher ROI

How do we buy programmatically?

Tyr programmatic is powered by our Business intelligence technology that is fueled with millions of datapoints generating unique and highly personalized user profiles that enable our inhouse programmatic media buying technology to create precise and targeted app promotion campaigns. Next to this via the power of our Network we have built a direct connection to many of the top developers around the world allowing for lower media cost and a higher overall ROI for our clients.

Traffic partners we are connected too

What do we do to make your app a success?

For every programmatic campaign we initialize we follow a strict routine that has been optimized based on thousands of successful campaigns. Resulting in a smooth and highly effective campaign overall, below we have explained in detail our 5 step process.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Final step