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Sucess with data driven marketing

For every successful campaign the need for business intelligence and data driven marketing efforts is becoming a crucial aspect for success. Therefore here at Tyrads we focus on a data first approach maximizing the ROI and overall budget performance of any of our clients.

How our Tyr intelligence system works

Through the thousands of incoming data points we generate through Tyr network and Tyr programmatic, we are able to achieve a level of efficiency unmatched by many other business intelligence tools.

Revenue data

How much ROI do media channels deliver

Quality data

Registration of in-app events for quality ranking

Fraud data

Automatically rejecting fraud patterns.


To eliminate bot traffic from our network

Tyr Protection

Comprehensive analysis of incoming traffic to protect out clients from fraudulent activity

Proxy traffic

Automatically block clicks from flagged internet providers

Device ID matching

We automatically block device id's that are flagged by our system

Click anomolies

We analyse click patterns for bot behavior and blacklist these immediately

Conversion timings

We analyze conversion times for unhuman behavior to block automatically

Click to install times

We check click to install times with normal human install behaviors

Event analysis

Indentifying spikes and drops in event data at unhuman moments