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Scaling your app via brand safe channels is a challenge most app developers face in the network world today. At Tyr Network we have dedicated ourselves to prioritise on our expertise, which is communication and brand safety towards our partners. Our Customer Success Specialist ’s are highly motivated to bring the optimal success and ROI, as verified by the success of our other Partners.

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Data driven performance campaigns

We provide data driven solutions for the App marketing leaders of tomorrow. Targeting a unique audience of users with 100% transparency guaranteed. Our Business Intelligence solutions make sure of the brand safety.
Lets monitor together the growth of your App.

What we do for our clients

Our dedicated and motivated Customer success specialist team together with our Business intelligence tool, guarantee growth for the future leaders of App marketing.

Implementation of the BI tool
Full transparency for maximum brand safety
Highly efficient and effective targeting
Dedicated Customer Success Specialist assigned for your App business.
Around the clock Fraud protection
Personalised media planning